Shot Through the Heart 4


Grace wants to find the truth for the children.

Davey and his sister Ella deserve the truth. Yet, she seems to be alone in her quest. Her boss, Colin, who she doesn’t trust, is not help. The police is going to give Mark Kirkby a funeral with full honours, so what she has found out so far wouldn’t be welcome.

In the last chapter she drives to the pub where Russel had been celebrating his birthday with a couple of friends. Russel had claimed when he had been pulled over that he had not noticed one of his rear lights was broken, and in the CCTV at a turnaround the image showed that both lights worked perfectly. Grace reasons that it is possible that another car could have crashed into Russel’s van while reversing, and thus breaking the light. When she inspects the car park, she doesn’t find any red plastic shards, but then she notices a hedge, and there she finds the red plastic pieces belonging to a car light. Grace collects the shards, but she knows that this is hardly evidence, but she feels that there are too many coincidences and Russel might have been right, and not delusional.

Grace doesn’t justify Russel’s actions, but she feels it is her duty to prove to her children that their father had been driven mad by the devious actions of Mark Kirkby. Grace knows that she will be alone in this quest, and she might even lose her job like it happened last time when she went against some colleagues in honour of the truth. She feels it is her duty to uncover the truth, or otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to remain in a position that she doesn’t believe in. I think what Grace intends to do is praiseworthy; she knows it will be hard and cause her problems, but she is determined. Good for her!!!


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