Shot Through the Heart 2


Ivo Sweatman appears in this novel as well.

He was the journalist, avid for dredging up unsavoury information about the story he works on. In the last book he also showed a good part. This time he wants to give Russel Fewell’s story a different angle to the one that he knows his fellow journalist will have. He is frustrated since, as it is Christmas, everything is closed. Then thanks to his bed and breakfast’s landlady, he contacts the secretary of the angling club Russell belonged to. The man, Martin, describes Russel as a good man, discreet, quiet, who enjoyed fishing with his son Davey. He also tells him that the boy had stopped coming, and then Russel also stopped. When Martin went to see him, he found Russel in a bad way, and Martin reveals to Ivo that Russel thought that his ex-wife’s boyfriend wanted to ruin his life, and I think this is the new angle Ivo is going to pursue.

Grace also has suspicions that the case is not so clear-cut. She met Mark Kirkby’s father, who used to lead the police federation, some kind of union for the police. John Kirkby was also a policeman and asks Grace to keep Mark’s partner updated on the case. Grace then finds out that the only crime that Russel had been arrested for, drink driving, the police officer who pulled him over was Mark’s partner Curtis Mullins. Actually, Russel used to claim that Mark had him followed and that the arrest was his doing. Grace questions Curtis about this, and he gets nervous, and the next thing she knows Mark’s father has complained to Grace’s boss about this questioning. I think that as Grace suspects, this case is more complicated than meets the eye. I don’t think that because Russel was pulled over and arrested once, he would snap and kill Mark and all these other people. I imagine we are going to find out more about Mark and what he was doing to Russel. Grace won’t have it easy since it is the police that will be questioned, but I think nothing will stop her from revealing the truth. After all, in her last position he had no compunctions to denounce her colleague, who was her husband’s best friend. I am not saying that Russel was right to kill Mark even if he was bullying and harassing him, but I think his family needs to know why he was in such a desperate position.

Apart from this, there is a character that keeps showing up. It is Robyn, a seventeen-year-old girl, whose friend Angie is one of the victims. I imagine that since she keeps popping up, she must have some importance. She lives on a farm with her parents, and I am not sure, but I think her parents have a business selling weapons and munition. Maybe Russel got the bullets he used to kill all these people from this family.


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