The Fall 5 – The End


There are no surprises as far as the crime is concerned.

Things are going bad for Dan during the trial as the evidence points at him as the murderer. Even though Kylie, the lawyer, tries to show how the evidence is circumstantial, the accusation is harsh and doesn’t let on. Charlotte and Dan’s parents are even considering what life will be after the trial if Dan is condemned. Thankfully, in the end Keisha decides to testify. She has been to prison to see Chris, and she has the confirmation she needed. Chris killed Anthony, and she later even confesses to Ronald, Anthony’s brother, that she saw Dan staggering out of Anthony’s office, and she might even have seen Anthony in the doorway, which proves Dan didn’t kill him.

The epilogue takes place six months after the trial. We understand that thanks to Keisha’s testimony Dan is released, and I imagine that Chris will spend a long time in jail. The epilogue takes place on the day Charlotte gets married. I have to say that I was a bit surprised, even disappointed. I thought Charlotte would end up with DI Matthew Hanigan. They even kiss, and I thought they would get together after the trial, especially since in her last visit to Dan in the prison, both Dan and Charlotte admit that even though they loved each other, that was not enough. In any case, in the end they get married… The wedding wasn’t the posh event that was going to be the first time, and Charlotte says that Dan is still struggling with sleepless and his blackouts. She also mentions getting a card from the detective but that was it.

As for Keisha, she comes to see Charlotte at the church to give her a present. We learn that she and Ronald are together and planning to marry. Ruby is finally with her, which I am so glad for, and they are moving to Jamaica after the wedding. I guess they want to put as much distance between Chris and their happiness. It took a while for Keisha to realize what kind of toxic relationship she was in. She should have walked away the moment Chris hurt their daughter, but she stayed with him, which is totally inexcusable. At least, she cleaned her act in the end, and I’m happy she managed to find love and get her daughter back. The part in which she finds her birth father is quite brief and rash. I think that didn’t add much to the novel.

I enjoyed the novel. I have already read the books featuring Paula Maguire, and I loved them. I think I prefer Paula Maguire’s books than this one, but The Fall was an entertaining, enjoyable read.


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