The Fall 4


Charlotte is growing as a person.

She is doing everything to help Dan even though she has the impression her efforts are not appreciated by her fiancé. She has found a lawyer to defend him ferociously. Apart from that, she goes to her ex-boss to help her to initiate an RP campaign in favour of Dan. The man, Simon, is reluctant at first, but Charlotte reminds him that he owes her after one night he got her drunk and slept with her. Then she also calls favours from her family. She asks Sarah, her stepsister, to write an article in favour of Dan, and then she goes to her brother Jamie, the lawyer, to start a suit against  the bank Dan worked for which left him on the lurch. I think Charlotte has gone a great way from the vulnerable, posh woman that she first appeared to be.

It is also sweet the way she feels towards the detective, Matthew. There is a underlying attraction, and they meet for coffee and dinner, and then when he goes to a wedding in Australia, she asks him to meet her in Singapore and they spend the day together. Matthew is so straightforward that he thinks he might be compromising the case as he feels strongly for the woman of the man he put behind bars. So she asks to be dropped from the case, but that won’t stop Dan’s new lawyer from asking him about this during the trial. I am not sure what is going to happen, but it is clear that Charlotte also feels something for Matthew, and I wonder if she still loves Dan.

As for Keisha, she learns that Chris has been arrested, and after an argument with Charlotte when she finds out she didn’t tell her about seeing Chris, she finally thinks things over. It seems that the best thing that could have happened to her was to find the job in the club. Now her savings are piling up in her bank account, and she can now dream of having a flat and get Ruby back. There is also a good thing going on with Ronald. He is a good man who is teaching her to cook, and I think he will treat her as she deserved. They have also shared a kiss, so I am inclined to think that Ronald might give her the stability she deserves to get Ruby back. She has also found where her birth father is. We know that her mother came to England to study law, but then she got pregnant and had to leave her studies. And then when Keisha was looking through her things, she found her father’s name in her birth certificate. She knows he is a lecturer, and in a pamphlet about university she finds on a bench, she sees his name. I wonder if Keisha will muster up the courage to talk to him. I have learnt that even though Keisha is brash and determined, she can also be quite hesitant in doing things that might affect her. And this is huge for her, I think.

There are just about 80 pages left until the end, and I’m intrigued to learn what happened that night when Charlotte’s life changed so drastically. I don’t think Dan is the killer, but did Chris kill Anthony Johnson? Or something else happened?


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