The Fall 3


Keisha has managed to land a job at the club where Anthony Johnson was killed.

She has befriended his siblings, Ronald, who now runs the business, and Rachel, who is one of the girls who beat Charlotte up. Through Rachel, she learns that Anthony owed money to gangs, so Keisha thinks that Chris was working for those gangs and must have come to the club that night to demand the money back. She also finds that one of the doors that lead to an alley has no alarm, so anyone could have come into the club from outside without anybody being any the wiser. Everything seems to indicate that Chris is the killer, but then why is he after Charlotte? What did she see that night?

Charlotte is gradually getting back to her feet, getting jobs through Keisha’s agency. Most of these jobs are not what she used to, but she does them anyway. One of them is in a homeless shelter, and she gets to see a man who she thinks is Chris. However, she keeps mum about this and doesn’t tell Keisha. She is also in contact with the policeman, Matthew Hegarty, who clearly has a crush on her, and she is not indifferent either. Her excuse is to help Dan, who still won’t see her. Now Dan has been diagnosed epilepsy, and that is why she has these blackouts, which was what happened the night of the crime. He doesn’t remember a thing because he had one of his blackouts.

Now Charlotte is travelling to Singapore to see her father as he is going to help to pay for the lawyer’s fees. She is leaving town for a few days, and Keisha will be alone. I wonder if something will happen during those days.



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