New Book – Shot Through the Heart by Isabelle Grey


Publishing year: 2016

This is the second Grace Fisher novel. I loved the first one, so I am sure I’m going to enjoy this one.

It is Christmas Day, and a man Russel Fewell is driving his van through the streets of a town in Esses. From his thoughts we know that he is divorced and has two children, and we know he is up to no good as we learn that in the back of the van he has his children’s presents on top of a rifle. The next thing we know is that Russel has gone on a killing spree, shooting the man who his ex-wife was dating, Mark Kirkby, a policeman, as well as several other people. He kills Mark and these other people, and thankfully, others are just wounded, and then he shots himself. Grace Fisher and Lance are called to look into this matter. The killer is obvious, but their boss wants to know why this man decided to kill all these people.

Grace talks to his ex-wife Donna. The woman mentions that she and Russel divorced after their relationship fizzled out. Her explanation is that they married too young. She also explains that their divorce was amicable and they had a good relationship, but when she started dating Mark Kirkby, things changed. Russel was jealous of the time this man spent with his children, and he thought that Mark was out there to get him. I feel sorry for this family, especially the children, who will be marked by this terrible event for the rest of their lives. I wonder what kind of case this will be since it is a clear-cut case. What will Grace find out?

Apart from the case, let us mention the characters we first met in the first book that we see again here. There is naturally Grace, who was demoted and transferred to this new police station after having had problem in her previous post. She reported a colleague, and that created her problems with the rest of the force, and her husband even beat her up. She ended up divorcing him. Apart from her, there is her partner Lance Cooper, who is gay, but most people don’t know about his sexual orientation. Now in this new novel Lance is dating someone called Peter.

The other policemen that have appeared so far are Duncan Gregg and Grace’s boss Colin Pitman.


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