The Fall 2


I don’t know what to think about this mystery.

After Dan is arrested, the day at court Chris is there and orders the dead man’s sister and mistress to beat up Charlotte and take her handbag. Thankfully, Keisha is there. After that, when Keisha confronts Chris, he also beats her and locks her in the flat. Thankfully, Keisha gets out, using the fire escape, and intends to leave him for good. She stays in a hostel for a few days, and then she decides to visit her mother and child. Thanks to a neighbour, she learns that Chris came, wanting to take his daughter, and then her mother had a heart attack. Mercy, her mother, is in hospital while Ruby has been taken in care. Mercy eventually dies, and even though the social worker tells Keisha that she should keep contact with Ruby, she is afraid that Chris might harm her daughter.

It is when she is accosted  by Chris’s thuggish friend that she gets scared. So she decides to go and see Charlotte. There she tells her about her suspicions about Chris. She thinks that Chris might have had something to do with Anthony Johnson’s death, and Charlotte must have seen something that day if Chris is so determined to keep an eye on her. Yet, Charlotte doesn’t remember a thing.

Charlotte is going through a terrible patch. Not only is her boyfriend imprisoned for murder, but also everybody who she thought was her friend has absconded, and at work she is snubbed, and when she makes a mistake, she is given the boot. So now she is alone, jobless, and swamped in debts. On top of it all, Dan refuses to see her, begging her to start from scratch. When Keisha comes, she clutches to her as her only hope, and she even asks her to stay with her. They gradually become friends. Keisha is more decisive than Charlotte, and even though the former is afraid of going to the police and tell them what she knows, she comes up with a plan to get some more information. Keisha will talk to the Johnsons, who her mother knew, and Charlotte should try to talk to the police.

I am not sure what to think. Everything points out at Chris as the murderer, but is it true? Dan seems to have a lot to hide. I wonder how Charlotte and Keisha will get to the truth. I like these two women together. I love Keisha’s fresh and cheek, which makes a good contrast to Charlotte’s poise. I can’t say I like either of the women. I can’t understand how a woman chose a man over her little girl, especially when the man beat the child. That was inexcusable. And Charlotte is a bit too shallow for my taste.



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