The Perfume Garden 11 – The End


I didn’t like the ending as much as the rest of the novel.

When the historical subplot is over, the novel focuses on Emma, her baby, her relationship with Luca, and the reappearance of Delilah.

After Emma goes through a hard labour and has her son, Luca stays with her at the hospital. Then she overhears Luca saying that he considers her a friend. It is during the Fallas that all of a sudden, Emma decides that Boris, her Polish builder, is hot and attractive and sleeps with him, especially when Luca starts flirting with a woman who used to be his girlfriend.

Then Delilah reappears, her excuse being the sale of the business to a Japanese company. Emma doesn’t want her there, but Delilah starts whimpering and acting like a victim, and Emma lets her stay with her. Then Delilah hogs Luca’s attention, flirting with him. It is only when Luca stops her advances and Emma tells her that she needs to go that Delilah seems to understand she is now welcome. Yet, when the following day Emma and Luca go to see his friend’s mother, who is a perfumer, that they finally get together. What they don’t expect is for Delilah to lose her plot and kidnap Joseph, the baby. Freya and Charles arrive that same day, and they confess that Delilah has been quite unstable lately and she even tried to kill herself. Fortunately, Emma realises where Delilah is… it is in the towers in Valencia, and Emma and Luca manage to get the baby back, but Delilah jumps to her death. I also found this part a bit too dramatic and over the top.

I enjoyed the book, but I preferred the beginning and the parts about the Civil War than the end. It was entertaining and interesting, but I have to confess that I skipped paragraphs in the last part of the novel.


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