The Perfume Garden 9


We get a peek at the moment in which Rosa hands the baby to Freya.

She wants to keep her daughter safe and return to Jordi. She even asks Freya to give the baby another name, and they decide to call her “Liberty”. Back in Valencia, she is once again subjected to Vicente’s cruelty. I really can’t understand Rosa, returning to the house with that horrible man. She could have escaped, but her excuse is that this is where Jordi will find her. In her mind she sees Jordi escaping to the sea, but he is hit by bullets, or at least, that is what Rosa seems to see. Then that day when Vicente returns, she realizes she has had enough, and she can’t cope with more cruelty. So she decides to kill him, using oleander, but when the man only feels sick and tries to hit her, she smashes his head, killing him. Then she and Macu bury the body in the garden. And over sixty years later the builders working for Emma discover the remains of a body and a golden tooth in the garden.

As Emma discovers that her grandmother isn’t her grandmother, she feels confused and upset. I can understand she is angry with Freya, who tells her that Liberty only learnt the truth at the end. We are told that Freya kept quiet because she wanted to protect Liberty, but protect her against what? Maybe when she was younger, she could be more impressionable, but Liberty died when she was 64. Couldn’t Freya have told her the truth before being at death’s door? Was she afraid of losing Liberty’s love?


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