The Perfume Garden 8


The war is coming to an end.

There is a obvious feeling of despondency in Charles as the International Brigades are sent back home. It is defeat, but he still stays. Then he and Hugo are hit, and Hugo dies. I think this is what must have marked Charles for the rest of his life.

Emma finally learns the truth about her family, or at least, some of it. Macu runs into her, and when she sees the pendant she is wearing, she talks to her. So I was right. Liberty was the baby Rosa had during the Civil War. Things with Vicente were getting worse and worse, and from her encounter with Jordi, Rosa was pregnant again. The day Freya was to leave for the north, Vicente rapes her, and when Rosa appeared, the man threatened her and her child. So Freya asked her to meet her in the north of Spain where she was to be stationed next. From Macu at present Emma learns that somehow Rosa managed to meet Freya, and the baby ended up in England with Freya. Macu also tells her that she and Rosa were in prison, and that is when she learnt the truth. Rosa then ended up in Mexico, helping refugee children, and she died in a nunnery. What is not clear is what happened to Jordi, or the new baby Rosa was expecting. Macu doesn’t really know what happened between Freya and Rosa when they met in the north. So this is something Emma will have to ask her grandmother.


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