The Perfume Garden 7


Things are getting clearer.

Jordi returns, which was something we expected since Rosa claimed that she felt he was alive. The blood-stained papers were his, but what happened is that he lent his jacket to a fellow soldier who died. That was why there was the misunderstanding. Poor Jordi gets the shock of his life to learn that Rosa is married to his brother. First, he gets angry, but then he agrees to meet Rosa the following day. Rosa feels torn between the man she loves and her child. She wants to help and fight, but there is her daughter. Then she and Jordi consider sending their daughter to England safely because they know that if the Nationalists win the war, their daughter won’t have a good future in Spain. So I imagine that Loulou went to England with Freya, but for some reason her name was changed to Liberty, and I imagine that Rosa and Jordi died, fighting in the war. So Freya raised their daughter as her own. What I don’t understand is why Freya never told her daughter about it. Liberty must have been curious about her father at least, since, as far as we know, Freya has never married. I can’t understand why Freya never told Liberty because there was no shame in revealing that her real parents were two brave people who fought in the war. It would have been nice for Liberty to know. Maybe Freya was afraid of how her daughter would have reacted.

Now Freya and Charles are considering travelling to Valencia now that Emma is about to be a mother. They also talk about their secret, and Freya thinks that Emma has a right to know the truth. But what about her own daughter… the one person who was directly affected by this secret? We know that Liberty suspected there was some family secret as she writes about it in one of the letters that she leaves for Emma. I am curious about the real truth because so far I am just guessing, but I think I’m not wrong about it.


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