The Perfume Garden 6


The builders that Emma hires discover a bedroom that had been sealed.

It is Rosa’s bedroom, and in a wardrobe Emma finds Rosa’s diary in which she reads a series of dates. One of the names is Loulou, Rosa’s daughter, and in 1938 Rosa writes that it is Loulou’s first birthday. What surprises Rosa is that the date is her mother’s birthday. So I am prone to think that my guesses are right, and Liberty and Loulou are one and the same. Rosa’s daughter was named Lourdes, but Rosa called her Loulou. So why is Emma’s mother Liberty? Maybe Freya had to change her name so that she could pass the girl off as her daughter and take her out of the country. In another chapter Freya is feeling sick, and Rosa suspects that she might be pregnant. So maybe Freya did fall pregnant, but maybe she had a miscarriage, and then she and Rosa decided to get Loulou out of the country when Franco won the war. But what about Rosa? What happened to her? And Vicente? And what about Jordi? Is he really dead?


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