The Perfume Garden 2


I have only read a few pages this morning.

We learn a bit more about the relationship between Joe and Emma. They split up after she discovered a text from Delilah on his phone  when she checked it, thinking it could be from the hospital. I don’t have a good opinion about Joe as he apparently blames Emma for his unfaithfulness, claiming she was away all the time. That doesn’t justify him when he could have talked to her. Now when she calls him, he talks about Delilah as if that wouldn’t hurt Emma, and the man has the nerve to ask her to tell him she loves him. How can he think she is this malleable? He has cheated on her, actually is with the woman at the moment, and he seems to want both of them at the same time. His last words to Emma refer to an interview with someone in the World Trade Center, so since we know what this is September 11, I imagine that Joe will be killed like thousands of people there. Emma will then be totally alone to raise her child alone.


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