From Whitechapel 5


Emma and Cora become close friends.

Cora finally tells her about the envelope, the pendant, and what she did with them. So they guess that is the reason why Alice has been in Whitechapel. Emma also tells her about Bea being murdered and her seeing the killer, so Emma feels that the murdering is targeting women who know her.  Cora also mentions in passion that they should tell something to Alice about Bea, but neither of them feel eager to talk to Alice. A few weeks later Emma has good news; she has a decent job, working as a waitress at the Britannia, a pub, and she even has lodgings there. So she doesn’t have to sleep rough any longer.

I like the friendship between Emma and Cora, but I have the feeling that Emma might be a bad influence. Cora has started drinking even though she knows her father disapproves, and she even sneaks out of her house one night to go dancing with Emma. It is that night that two women. It is that night when two women are murdered. Apparently, the murderer was interrupted when he was killing the first woman, and then he went for Kathy, another friend of Emma’s, and Emma and Cora witness the murder, but neither will volunteer to talk to the police.

As for Alice, we see her next at Lucasta’s birthday party. There she meets Patrick, who she hadn’t seen in weeks. She feels Patrick is different with her, quite stiff, and he admits to being jealous of Henry Mercier. Then Alice confesses how she was infatuated with Henry and even kissed her once, but that feeling vanished at once as if it were part of a fantasy. I think that Alice is really in love with Patrick, but they have made fun at the idea of being married so much that now it is difficult for them to admit their true feelings. I think Patrick is a good man, and I hope that Alice and he end up together. Alice talks to him about finding the letter from the asylum, and he admits he knew something about it. I wonder if they will go to the asylum now and find out more about Bea.


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