From Whitechapel 2


Alice is determined to find her sister.

After getting the mysterious letter, she is convinced that Beatrice is in Whitechapel. Her aunt Minerva takes her to a house in Whitechapel where there are a few ladies helping the poor women in Whitechapel, or at least, those who want to be helped. There she meets Henry Mercier, a lawyer who helps the women in the area as well. Henry Mercier is the man who Cora saw in the police station, helping a woman who was in a cell, and Cora seemed to have felt some attraction. We don’t know much about Henry, but he has quite a cynical attitude, and when Alice shows interest in helping, he shows his doubts about her turning up again. Yet, she is more than determined to help the women in Whitechapel, and also find information about her sister.


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