You Had me at Hello 4 – The End


Lovely ending!

Ben and Rachel finally get together, but before that poor Rachel had to suffer loads. The first uncomfortable moment is when Olivia confronts her when they happen to be at the same wedding. Ben had poisoned her against Rachel, and she tricks Rachel into admitting that she and Ben had slept together at university. Olivia is quite vile with Rachel, mainly because of the venom that Ben had fed her, and Olivia ends up warning Rachel off.

The second moment that Rachel has to suffer is when Ben asks her to meet him. He apologises for the way Olivia treated her, and they start talking about what happened years ago. He is under the misconception that Rachel didn’t feel anything for him, and Rachel decides to be honest for once in her life, especially when he tells her that Olivia has gone back to the south. She confesses to still being in love with him, and Ben doesn’t react well. He accuses her of trying to come between him and his wife, and he gives her a lecture about his love for his wife. I think he was quite unfair to her, and if I had been Rachel, I wouldn’t have stood there for so long listening to him.

Then comes the end. As I expected, Ben comes back for her. He announces that he is divorcing Olivia because their relationship hadn’t been right for a while, and they hadn’t wanted to admit it. I think Rachel was too lenient after the way he talked to her that last time. It was nice that they finally get together, and Ben acknowledges how in a way he wanted to punish her a little and prove himself that he could be immune to her charms, but what he finally realizes is that he never stopped loving her. Really lovely.

I loved the book. It was a nice change after all the grim thrillers I have read lately. 🙂


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