You Had me at Hello 2


I love the flashbacks of Ben and Rachel.

It is clear that back at university Ben was head over heels in love with Rachel, and he dropped clear hints all the time, but somehow she didn’t seem to understand him. The first clue is when he asked her to help him cook for his date with a hot student of their course, and then when he admitted that the date was a disaster because the aforementioned girl was dull, he confessed to knowing how to cook and he just wanted Rachel around. And then when she was ill and asked him for a cuddle, he went as far as hinting that she was the woman of her dreams. Why didn’t Rachel hear what he was saying? I think she was always putting herself down and thought that Ben could never be interested in her.

As for the present, Rachel meets Olivia, Ben’s wife, in a dinner party they throw and the other guests are Simon, and an insufferable couple friends with Olivia. The conversation was mainly hogged by this couple, but what we can gather from this dinner is that Olivia is clearly quite bossy and has Ben under her thumb. We also see that Ben is quite different around Olivia, and his freshness and sense of humour are gone when he is at home, or maybe he was nervous. I don’t foresee a happy ending for this married couple, especially as it seems that they are having conflicting opinions about when they should have a baby.

Now Rachel has accepted to go on a date with Simon. She doesn’t think he is her type, but she has agreed because she couldn’t find a way to turn him down. I wonder if this Simon will complicate things even further for Rachel. I so want Rachel and Ben to end up together.


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