From the Cradle 5


Patrick finally goes to see his wife.

He expects to find the broken woman who he found sitting on the stairs eighteen months ago, but he finds her well. She looks recovered, and she even wants to see photos of their daughter. The situation of this family is complex, and after reading the encounter, Gill seems to still be hurting but at the same time she is aware of her guilt. I wonder if Patrick will want to fix what was broken that day. If Gill is released, will he want her back at home? Will he be able to trust her with their daughter? Will Gill be able to cope?

Apart from this, DI Winkler, who is openly hostile to Patrick, has gone to see Helen after she called about the mysterious Facebook message that claimed that this person (Janet) knows where the children are but she is afraid of going to the police because she might be in danger. I think this is a hoax because from the parts that are supposed to be the kidnapper’s thoughts, I have the impression that Liam is dead, or at least, he is not with his kidnapper any longer. Now Winkler has decided to deal with this matter all by himself, and he seems to think he is going to solve the crime all alone just to get back at Patrick. I have a feeling that he is going to botch it. He now has Helen’s password to check on the person who private message her, but I wonder if he might blunder it and do something he shouldn’t. I won’t be surprised if he does.


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