From the Cradle 4


The progress of the case is slow.

The police get some clue from a witness when Liam was taken from his mother’s car. It is a seven-year-old child who claims to have seen the boy being abducted, and apparently, it was a woman. Then Patrick thinks he has the culprit when on checking the staff of the dads’  club, he sees a familiar name, a woman who was involved with a man who killed and raped twin sisters. The woman was acquitted but Patrick always thought that she was deeply involved in the murders. However, Patrick hits another dead end when the woman has an alibi for the dates when the children were abducted.

I still have no idea if there is a link between Frankie’s abduction and Alice and Larry’s involvement with Jerome. It is obvious that the man is dangerous, but Larry has now agreed to take part in some bigger business of his. I wonder where he is getting himself into. And what about Alice? We have seen that the girl is not untouched by drugs as she smokes joints, and she does know who Jerome is. What I wonder is what kind of trouble she might get herself into. She is only fifteen, but I imagine that she is in a rebellious stage, especially as she seems unhappy with her father’s wife, and maybe dating Larry, who is a couple of years older than her, she wants to prove she is as reckless as he is.

As for Patrick’s personal matters, it seems that after these eighteen months, Gill, his wife, wants to see him. Apparently, the last time he saw her was during the trial, but we get the impression that they didn’t talk. I wonder what Gill wants and how Patrick will react on seeing her. Will she want to see Bonnie? We know that Gill almost killed her daughter because she was suffering from deep postnatal depression. It is difficult to excuse something like that because trying to kill a baby is simply horrendous, especially when the baby is your own daughter. However, I feel sorry for this family, and I would really like to know more about Gill before passing judgement.


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