From the Cradle 3


Patrick is no closer to finding the missing children and Izzy’s killer.

Now there is finally a common element. Apparently, the three children used to attend Dads’ club on Saturday. Could this be the key to the abductions? Could the kidnapper be an employee here? In another peek to the abductor’s thoughts we know that Frankie is still alive, but not Liam. Seemingly, the man thinks that Frankie is the girl who he wanted all along. I wonder why.

I am afraid that Helen is going to do a silly thing. She has got a private message through Facebook from someone called Janet Friar, who claims she has information about where Frankie’s whereabouts, but she asks Helen not to tell anyone. Helen hasn’t told anyone, and she has simply replied to the woman she should talk to the police. Yet, I have the hunch the woman will contact Helen again, and Helen will be tempted to know.

I am a bit intrigued about the subplot with Alice, Larry, and Jerome. I imagine that this might have something to do with the case. I am sure now that Jerome was warning Alice about something when he talked to Larry. So how come Alice has been involved with this dangerous, despicable man? Is she also working for him, stealing mobiles? He mentions having an army of teenagers providing him with mobiles. Could Alice have been involved in these thefts as an act of rebellion?


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