New Book – From the Cradle by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards


The prologue of this new book starts quite strongly.

Detective Patrick Lennon returns from a hard day at the office looking forward to spending time with his wife Gill and their five-month-old baby Bonnie. Yet, when he gets to the house, he finds Gill in an almost catatonic state, and as she rushed up the stairs, he finds his baby almost dead, marks around her little neck. Patrick manages to revive her, and then he calls an ambulance. As the ambulance crew is busy with his baby, he goes to find his wife and arrests her. Wow!

The novel moves forward and it is eighteen months later. Patrick is with his partner Carmella investigating a series of baby abductions. We don’t know what has happened to Patrick’s child Bonnie,whether she survived or she suffered some kind of brain damage for being without oxygen for some minutes, and we don’t know what happened to his wife. I imagine we will get to learn soon. In the case Patrick is dealing with, two children have been kidnapped: two-year-old Liam, who was taken from his mother’s car while she popped to Sainsbury’s for two minutes, and three-year-old Izzy, who was kidnapped from her living room while her father was making a phone call upstairs. The common element in these two abductions is that the children came from a posh area in London, Richmond, and their parents were well off. Yet, no ransom has been asked yet.

The novel is told from two points of view. One narrator is Patrick, and the other is Helen. Helen is married to Sean, and they have a child, three-year-old Frankie. It is a second marriage for Sean, whose first wife died, and he has another daughter from that first marriage, fifteen-year-old Alice. That night Sean and Helen go out on a date, leaving Frankie with Alice, and when they return home, Alice is asleep on the sofa and Frankie is gone from her bedroom. The child has been taken, and Sean calls the police.

This is really interesting. How could someone be so bold as break into someone’s house and take the child? I imagine if the children this person has taken are random choices, or if they were selected for some reason.


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