From the Cradle 2


The police have found a body.

It belongs to a little girl, and it was found by a traveller, but he was scared of being accused. That is why this young man hid the body and only when he told the leader of the travellers’ camp did the police find out about it. It is obvious that the little girl is Izzy, who was the first child to go missing, and Patrick fears that this will horrify the parents of the two children.

As for Frankie, we learn more about the family. Apparently, Helen met Sean when she was helping at a school function, doing a favour to a friend. Alice was never pleased with Helen, and it is obvious from the interview that the feeling still remains. What Alice tells the police is that she didn’t hear a thing, and she simply fell asleep. Yet, Patrick thinks that Alice is lying about her boyfriend not coming over. It is clear that there is something going on with the boyfriend, Larry. We learn that Larry is not very honest; he steals mobiles from people, and then he sells them to someone called Jerome. Apparently, things are harsh at home since his mother lost her job, so he is forced to sort to stealing to pay the bills. However, there is more than meets the eye because Jerome mentions a woman who has done something to anger him, and he tells Larry to warn her. I have the hunch that Jerome is referring to Alice, but how has a fifteen-year-old got involved with this seedy character? Is she into drugs or something? Does Jerome have anything to do with Frankie’s disappearance?

There is also a part of an anonymous person who apparently has Frankie, and he has her in a van in the country. From what I understood, this man took her because he saw her at some point and liked her. So it is a random abduction, which makes me think that neither Jerome nor Larry have anything to do with it. And is this man responsible for Izzy’s death and Liam’s disappearance?

Apart from the case, we learn more about Patrick and what has been going on for the last eighteen months. He has moved with his parents, and his daughter Bonnie is alive, and I want to think, well. His wife Gill is in a mental hospital after her attempt to kill poor Bonnie. I can imagine that Patrick is still struggling with his family situation. I have the feeling that he finds his superior DCI Suzanne Laughland too nice, and there is some chemistry between them that even their colleagues notice. Suzanne is married, and Patrick is also in a complex personal situation. Maybe nothing will happen between them, but the connection is there.


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