Waiting for You 2 – The End


I finished the book today.

The second part of the novel has good and bad things. I liked the moments between Leon and Fliss. I have to say that when Fliss discovers that Ben has a son, she is justified to be angry. Leon is there to comfort her. She justifies her action and keeps saying that she hasn’t cheated on Ben, but I have to differ. Cheating is not just having sex with some other man, and the intimacy that Fliss and Ben have that night, even cuddling in the same bed, is also cheating for me, and her feelings were clearly not focused on her husband, but Leon. I know that you can’t prevent what you feel, but Fliss couldn’t boast of being totally faithful to Ben, because it isn’t true.

Fliss decides to work on her family, but once again she discovers that Ben has lied to her. He had had a vasectomy years ago, and when she was struggling to understand why she wasn’t getting pregnant, he knew why. I think that was a dirty trick which showed he didn’t love his wife the way she deserved. That means the end of their marriage, and I can’t blame her.

The end takes place months later. Fliss and Leon get together in the end, and we also learn that Fliss has forged a friendship with Ben’s son Jack and his mother, and they have even moved closer to where Fliss and Hollie live. Then after Fliss and Leon have been going out for a bit, she gets pregnant and in the end we learn that she is expecting twins. A nice happy ending.

I enjoyed the book, but there are parts that I didn’t like so much. For example, the part about Carrie and her campaign to get Leon fired was something I found a bit grotesque and meaningless. I have never heard of anybody in the media being fired because they start a relationship. Actually, that is more common than not.

I also found the way Leon and Fliss connected right from the beginning a bit too quick. I imagine that the author wanted to show how these two people clicked from the beginning, but I missed some kind of build up.

Apart from those little things, I liked the book. It wasn’t what I thought because I imagined it would be about a couple struggling to become parents again, and it was actually a love story. Yet, it was a nice read.






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