The Murder at the Vicarage 4 – The End



This was a clever mystery.

The people who were the most likely suspects turned out to be the killers. We were sent off the scent for a while when these two people confessed to the crime at the beginning.  What they wanted all along was to be cleared of blame, which they knew they would. It was Mrs Protheroe, who had done the actual killing, using a silencer, which Mrs Price Ridley’s maid heard and  took for a sneeze. The shot some people, including Miss Marple, heard was an explosion that Lawrence Redding made using some contraction with picric acid so that the timing would be wrong. The note that they found in the study was fake, and Lawrence changed the clock, which he knew was fast, and then he also took was a letter the colonel had written incriminating Mr Clement’s curate Hawes. Then Lawrence changed the pills the man was taking for his health problems, making it seem as an overdose, and people would think that he had committed suicide out of guilt. Thankfully, Mr Clement got to save the man in the nick of time, and then Miss Marple came up with her theory about the crime. The problem is that there was no proof, but then they planted a little trap to catch the killers. Their motive was simple: motive. They wanted to elope together but Lawrence also wanted to money Protheroe enjoyed. I have to say that it was quite curious that when the vicar found the affair between Anne Protheroe and Redding, he agreed to go away willingly. I found that part a bit suspicious, and it really was.

I liked the mystery. I wasn’t so surprised because I had already seen the film so I knew who the killers were. This is not one of Agatha Christie’s spectacular mysteries, but I like the rural atmosphere of St Mary Mead, and I love Mrs Marple’s sweet, clever nature.

The end has also a happy note. Clarissa Clement is going to have a baby, and I love the humour when she tells her husband to keep quiet about the matter because she didn’t want the likes of Miss Marple to know yet. However, Miss Marple had already guessed as she was in the bookshop when Clarissa bought a book about being a good mother. Nobody can fool this woman!!!


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