The Murder at the Vicarage 2


The colonel is dead.

He was murdered while he was waiting for Vicar Clement in the living room at the vicarage. He was shot in the head while apparently he was writing a note to the parson. The police finds a few clues: the note that is dated 6.20, but later it is discovered that the time was added later as it is in a different ink; the knocked over clock which stopped at 6.22, but Len explains later that this clock was fifteen minutes fast, so the killer might have altered the time in it.

The first motive seems to be infidelity. The day before the vicar saw the artist Lawrence Redding  and Mrs Anne Protheroe kissing, so this is the first conclusion that the police reaches, especially when Lawrence gives himself up, and then Ann also confess to the crime. However, it turns out that both of them were trying to protect the other, and there was no way either Lawrence or Anne killed the colonel. The time was all wrong.

I think I remember who the killer is, but I don’t remember the particulars, so I am intrigued all the same. So when was the colonel killed? And what about the mystery of the clock? Was it alter on purpose? But why? And what about the shot that Mrs Marple, Mary, the maid, and Mrs Price Ridley heard coming from the woods? And why didn’t they hear the shot that killed the colonel? And what about Mrs Lestrange? Why did he go to see the colonel the night before?


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