New Book – The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie – Miss Marple 1


Publishing year: 1930

This book by Agatha Christie was published in 1930.

I think I have never read it, but I have seen the film on television. This is actually the first Miss Marple mystery. The narrator is the vicar, Len, who is married to Griselda, a woman twenty-five years younger than he is. In the few pages I have read we have heard of different characters. There is Colonel Protheroe, who is a frumpy old man that has always something to complain about. The colonel has been married twice, and from his first marriage there is a daughter, Lettice, who lives with him, and it seems Lettice is quite frivolous. Apparently, she doesn’t remember her mother as she fled with someone else. She is unhappy with her father because he has banned her from letting Lawrence Redding, an artist, to paint her in her bathing suit.

There is also Dr Stone, some kind of historian that is studying some archaeological remains, and he has a secretary, Miss Cram, and the busybodies in the village are talking about the impropriety of a woman working for a single man. Then there is Mrs Lestrange, who moved to the village recently and who raises curiosity as she keeps herself to herself most of the time, but apparently, she has a certain friendship with Dr. Haydock, the local doctor.

I think in this mystery the colonel will be murdered at the vicarage, and Miss Marple will eventually find his killer. I really love Miss Marple; I think I like her better than Poirot. She is so clever and sly in her sweet ways. I love Poirot too, but I prefer Miss Marple’s sweet and meddling ways.


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