Kiss Heaven Goodbye 13 – The End


The end was a real twist.

I didn’t expect that at all. So it turns out that the man they left for dead on Angel Cay was Miles’s lawyer, and he wanted revenge. It was a good thing that when Sasha arrived, she started snooping on Miles’s laptop and she found photos of the man. She recognized the tattoo, and then she called Philip. Carlton, the supposedly police officer in Bahamas, was not with the police but was a paid thug of Michael Marshal. He hit Sasha and took her away. Then Miles got a call from Michael, and it was at the house boat when the confrontation began. We learnt that Miles beat up Michael after he bragged about sleeping with Sasha. Miles must have thought he had killed him, and that was why he was so intent in keeping quiet about finding the body. Apparently, Nelson, the caretaker, took him to his quarters and helped him escape. Michael planned his revenge, and now what he wanted to do was to kill Miles and pinned the blame on Sasha, Grace, and Alex. Thankfully, Philip had reached the island and alerted Grace and Alex. Both men managed to reduce Michael and saved Sasha.

The end was nice with a happy ending for Sasha and Philip, and naturally Alex and Grace. After twenty years they finally shared their first kiss and he even went as far as to tell her he loved her. That was a nice end for a very eventful novel.


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