Bone by Bone 3 – The End


I couldn’t put the book down, and I have just finished it.

I wen through so many emotions as I read the book, in particular, outrage. I felt so annoyed how this mother and her daughter were wronged, and nobody tried to help them. Autumn is bullied at school, not just verbally, but physically – Levi goes as far as hacking off her long hair, and then he sets a Facebook account called “We hate Autumn Wild”. Every single child in her class blanks her and is cruel to her. Is this normal in school? How come no one… no one at all tried to be her friend and stand up for her? I know peer pressure is often too much, and fear to refusal may make children behave in a way even though they feel it’s unfair. But what about the teachers? Did no one notice how Autumn was snubbed, especially when her mother had raised the alarm too many times? This shows the school was not very effective in preventing cases of bullying as the headmaster claimed.

The end was terrifying. Levi getting into Laura’s house and then Aaron following him and terrorizing Laura and Autumn. I am not surprised there is a underlying cause why Levi was acting like this. His father beat him up, and this game of power was the thing he had learnt at home, and maybe since he could, he vented his frustration on Autumn, who was just a little girl. Aaron was really horrible. Even though it cannot be condoned, we can understand that a child can act the way Levi acted, but Aaron? A grown man? What he did was criminal, and I’m glad Laura was able to defend herself.

The epilogue is thankfully happy, showing Autumn in her new school. No wonder Laura took her out of that school that obviously didn’t look after her daughter properly. Little by little Autumn has been able to become the relaxed, little girl she always was, and she was even able to overcome her fears that haunted her since she had that fall at the beam at gymnastics.

I really loved the book. It is terrifying to think that things like that really happen. It is so sad that little children had to go through all that taunting, teasing, and bullying, and sometimes the teaching staff is unable to do enough. There have even been cases of suicide on the news recently, children who have reached their limits after being bullied. I think this is such a serious problem, and parents and teachers should work together to eliminate this problem at schools.


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