Bone by Bone 2


It is really outrageous.

Levi continues bullying Autumn, and now his father has joined to make life unbearable for Laura. He has tamper with everything on her computer, making her look as if she has sent a Trojan to all the parents, and then somehow he has deleted all the photographs she had stored of Autumn as a child, and also he has made her debit card invalid. I can understand that he must be angry for the way Laura pushed Levi, but what he is doing is criminal. And Laura is alone in all this. All her friends and family are away. Her parents and brother are anthropologists and are away doing research, and her ex-husband is also away filming some reality show in Asia. Even her best friend Lucy is away in Lucy as she is also in media. Poor Laura is all alone, and when she asks for help, she gets nothing. The school staff even mention that they are concerned and might even involved social services to check on her. Meanwhile, that horrible child and his father are harassing and terrorising mother and daughter.

Thankfully, the scene in the prologue was a teaser, and Autumn is okay. An older boy sends  by Levi spurts red paint on her and hits her with a bottle or something similar. Then somehow Autumn lies down and that is how Laura finds her. Those are the most torturing moments I imagine Laura must have lived. We know that Autumn didn’t wait for Laura after Levi started taunting her again, calling her ugly. What a horrible child!!! And where are the teachers in all this? A student walks out of the school unsupervised. What kind of control is that?

I just hope that father and son gets what they deserve because it is so unfair that Laura and Autumn are going through all this while Aaron and Levi get away with it. It’s so unfair… so, so unfair!!!


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