Kiss Heaven Goodbye 9


1994 is a year of separations.

I am not surprised when Grace finally decides to abandon Gabe. It was a shock when poor Caro was killed as she took Gabe’s car and a bomb had been planted in it. Like Grace, I can’t understand how Gabe’s ambition is over everything else. He doesn’t even seem to have any kind of regret about Caro. It is his fault that the young woman died. He is the one involved in politics, and he doesn’t even consider that his wife and children could well have been killed instead of Caro. Grace can’t cope with the situation anymore. I can’t blame him. Her husband is not the man she married any longer. He is swamped in his own ambition and in a way greed. He claims to want to save the country, but at the same time what he longs for is becoming president. He is ready to sacrifice everything and everybody for that, which is really sad. In the conversation Grace and he have, he finally admits to having received money, but not from the drug cartels, but from the Americans, and he feels ashamed because he feels he’s sold his country.

Grace decides to leave him because he can’t do with the situation any longer, and she is surprised when her mother-in-law helps her. She had always regarded the woman as a uncomfortable stone in her shoe, but Isabella understands her better than anyone could. So she helps her get out and even goes as far as to tell her that she admires Grace for doing what she should have done herself, but instead she got a husband and a son killed.

Another foretold separation is that of Alex and Emma. Despite the conversation Emma and he had after he almost cheated on her, he hasn’t changed. We see him in Tokyo, still drinking as much and using drugs. He is so gone that he misses a concert with his band, and he ends up in the flat of a Japanese woman where he spends two days drinking. Jez is apoplectic, and since it is Alex’s fault they missed the concert and a series of promotion events, which mean a loss of money, he kicks him out of the group. On his return to  England, Emma has packed her bags and ready to go. Alex’s stunt is in all the tabloids, and Emma tells him that she’s had enough. I can’t blame her for walking away. In his musings Alex knows that he is on a journey of self-destruction, and he blames this attitude of his to the event in Angel Cay when they found the dead body. I think Alex is just creating excuses for something that he is only to blame. He has destroyed the relationship with a good girl, and I wonder how he will get along in life now as he is not in the band any longer, and there is nothing else he can do.

As for Sasha, she has gone to see Miles for the money she needs for the business she wants to create. Miles first turns her down, but then she kind of blackmails him when she mentions the dead man in Angel Cay and how she could go to the police. In the end Miles gives in, but I imagine their working relationship won’t be easy.


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