Kiss Heaven Goodbye 12


Poor Grace.

What a shock to find her daughter and her boyfriend in such a compromising situation! Then Olivia has the nerve to tell her that this is her fault because she never cared about her and her brother. That is so not true. Grace decided to leave her husband because she was thinking primarily about her children’s safety. Then they lived in Ibiza for most of the twins’ childhood. She took them everywhere or stayed with them. Then when she returned to England, she got them the best education, and it was the children who wanted to go to Danehurst, the same boarding school their mother wanted. Grace actually would have liked to have them closer, but she swallowed her own desires for their sakes. And then if Grace went to do her photographing and documentaries, that didn’t mean she neglected the children. They were at their school. I think Olivia is not a nice person, because what she has done to her mother is horrendous. At least, Grace has learnt what kind of person her boyfriend and daughter were like. That day after leaving Olivia’s flat, she calls the person she thinks is her best friend: Alex. I wonder if this is the moment in which they will finally get together. Alex can be good for her, and maybe she can do something to fix the problem in her own family.

And finally the matter with Angel Cay is revealed. Miles intends to sell the private island, and the developers that want to build a hotel find a body. The police contact his lawyer, and he has to tell Miles. Naturally, Miles knows whose body it is, but he pretends he doesn’t remember.

Sasha is also contacted with the police and panics. She is not a good place as she is about to lose her place in the company she has created. I didn’t understand this part very well, because if Sasha is the owner of Rivera, how can someone buying a part have the right to fire her? Doesn’t she have a major shareholder or what? In any case, this situation makes her reacquaint Philip, the only man who treated her well and instead she treated hideously. Sasha realizes how good Philip is. He tells her that he got married and has a child, but his wife cheated on him, and he is separated. Philip wants to help her in her business matters, and naturally, they get close again. It is when she is invited to his house that he gets the call from the Bahamian police. Then for the first time she tells someone what happened in Angel Cay twenty years ago, and this person is Philip.

I am curious to know how this man died. Did someone murder him or did he have an accident? And who hid his body? Miles? Or was it his father?


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