Kiss Heaven Goodbye 11


There are so many cheaters in this novel!

Few people are straightforward with the exception of, in my opinion, Grace. Everybody else has cheated: Alex, Miles, Chrissy, Grace’s new boyfriend Julia, Olivia… Everybody.

Alex is the one who has had more disappointments in this part of the book. He marries his girlfriend Melissa, who is a high-flying actress. He feels he’s found the woman he feels at ease with, but then there are rumours about her having an affair with her co-star. She denies it, and Alex believes her, but when his agent tells him about more rumours, he hires a private investigator, who tells him that the only thing is that Melissa was in an obstetric clinic. Thinking that he is going to be a father, he is over the moon, but Melissa delivers a blow. She is pregnant, but the child isn’t Alex’s, so she admits to having an affair, but not with her co-star, but with the director of the film.

This is not the only blow Alex gets. He discovers that his mother has cancer, and she dies months later. All these problems get him down, and he starts drinking and doing drugs. He is depressed, and he has even lost a grasp of his reality. In a strange situation in an off-licence the owner thinks he is involved in a hold-up as he is brandishing a water gun. The police go after him, but then he desperately calls Miles, who agrees to help him.

Alex is then sent to rehab, and he finally sobers up. He realizes that his impatience and ambition were his ruin. He wasn’t  satisfied with anything he got; he wanted to learn every single instrument; then he wanted to become famous with his music, not just play or compose his own songs; and then he didn’t want just a girlfriend or wife, but a top model. Maybe he’s right, and that is why when things didn’t go his way, he went on a self-destruction journey. In the rehab clinic he receives the visit from Grace, and after all these years, he realises something: he is love with her… has always been.

I really hope that they end up together  because they are really together. Grace has been seeing an artist Julian, but he is not good for her. He looks down on anything she tries to do as an independent woman. And then he does the most horrible thing. The day Grace’s daughter Olivia turns eighteen, he seduces her, or it is her who seduces him. In any case, this shows that neither of them loves Grace as she should. Corinne, Grace’s mother, discovers them and she intends to tell her daughter, but unluckily, in the shock she falls down the stairs and dies. I just hope that Grace realizes what kind of man Julian is. She also needs to know what Olivia was ready to do. Grace reckons that Olivia is like Miles, and I think she is right. They both are ruthless and don’t care who they hurt as long as they have their way. Now I wonder if with Connie’s death Olivia and Julia will keep their affair.

As for Miles he discovers that Chrissy has been unfaithful to him. Their marriage has been on the rocks for a while, and he is also to blame for the failure of their marriage. We know that he gets his pleasures from gay clubs, and Chrissy knows he is gay even though he denies it when she confronts him. Miles is clever, and he knows he needs Chrissy for his business, so he makes her sign a contract forcing her to continue this farce.

Sasha continues with her struggle with her business. I find her story not so interesting. She has relationships, first with Robert Ashford, who dies, and I think Robert was someone she really loved. Then she also gets together with a F1 driver, who also gets involved in some rape case. In any case, the part about the business bores me, and her love stories are not too interesting from my point of view. I have to think she is the least interesting character here.

I have read 80% of the novel and reached April 2010, but there hasn’t been any reference to the reason why Miles in the prologue wants to return to Cay Angel and take the others there too. I am curious, but I know it won’t be long now.





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