Kiss Heaven Goodbye 10


From the four main characters in this story I think the only one I like is Grace.

She is sensible, sensitive, and a good person. When she leaves Gabe, she is able to reinvent herself and start afresh. First, she goes to England, but when news of Gabe’s electoral failure get to her, she decides to leave so as not to fall prey to the press. So she moves to Ibiza where she starts working in a school and even takes up photographing. It is good of her to want to do something with her life. She could have an idle woman with an ex-husband who is wealthy and parents who are even wealthier, but she decides she wants to do something for herself and her children.

Alex is a character I thought I liked, but he has proved to be quite foolish. Letting Emma go was his biggest mistake, and he didn’t even fight for her. Maybe he didn’t love her as much as he claimed he did. Now he has cleaned up his act, sobered up, and started a solo career. It is a random meeting with Miles which gives him the last push. Miles introduces him to a big fish in the music industry, and from that point Miles becomes a hit.

Sasha is not very likeable as she is the kind of woman moved by ambition. She stops at nothing. She gets involved with Philip, who helps her get the funds she needs for the fashion business and also gives her all the advice she needs to start. However, she doesn’t appreciate all he does for her. She has no compunctions to start an affair with Robert Ashford, Miles’s father, and his money is what she needs. So the day Philip asks her to marry him, she has to tell him that she has money to buy him out, breaking the man’s heart. His last words could be true for Sasha in the end. He tells her that one day she will understand that not everything in life is money and business. I am intrigued to see how Sasha gets on and whether her affair with Robert Ashford will last.


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