Kiss Heaven Goodbye 8


I have always found Grace a bit naive.

The first time we saw her on the island, she was a pushover, and her friends took advantage of her. Now that she is married to Gabe, she believes that things are going well since they had a talk about their marriage. She agreed to take part in her political campaign, and he promised to be more at home. Yet, now a journalist has hinted that her husband might be involved in some seedy business. The journalist claims that Gabe is getting money for the campaign from a family who own a drug cartel. Naturally, Grace denies it, but there is a seed of doubt now. I think that Gabe is a good man, but what if his political aspirations have corrupted him? He seems to think that his cause is the most important thing in his life, and he wants to win the election at all costs. What if his ambition has pushed him to certain limits. Will Grace ask and confront him, or will she try to find out the truth on her own? And what if it’s true? Will she be able to hang out with a man who has links to these criminals?

As for Miles and Chrissy, the club isn’t glowing. Yet, Chrissy is cleverer and more resourceful than Miles, and she comes up with a morally doubtful plan. There is a famous actor who they have invited to be a member of the club, and while there, he is seduced by a woman who we learn later on is a call girl, hired by Chrissy. Their dalliance gets recorded, and Miles comes to talk to him and tells him that his reputation is safe. He wants to make sure that his clients realize that even though they might have evidence to ruin their reputations, they will go out of their way to protect them. It was a very clever move, and it is interesting that it comes from Chrissy and not Miles. We can see that Miles is not the shining coin he believes himself to be. If he lets go of Chrissy, I’m sure he will eventually regret it.


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