Kiss Heaven Goodbye 7


In this part Miles takes centre stage.

In Thailand he has two experiences, one of which will have repercussions in his life and another which might resurface later. The first one is when he walks into a gay bar and has a sexual encounter with a man, and we get the impression that this is something he had been hiding from everybody. Yet, days later he and his friends go to another bar, and there he meets a go-go girl, Chrissy. For some reason he feels drawn to her, and he manages to persuade her to meet him later. They hook up for days, and when Miles can’t stand being in Thailand any longer, he asks her to go back to London with him. Chrissy refuses him and seems determined to stay, but then Miles asks her to marry him. They get married in Vegas, and when they return to England, they cause an uproar in his family. His father threatens to keep him out of the company and stop the money if he doesn’t get an annulment, but Miles refuses even if he is tempted at some point. Yet, Chrissy is a rush of energy, and thanks to her support, they are starting a new business. With his inheritance they are to open a club soon in London.

I don’t think Chrissy and Miles will remain together for many years. In the prologue when he is in bed, there is no reference to a bed companion, so I imagine that they will part ways at some point. I also wonder if that gay experience will have some relevance later in the novel.

As for Alex, I was right. The fame went to his head, and in the last chapter he almost loses Emma, who I think is a great girl. We learn that he drinks too much, and unlike what he believed in the Bahamas, he started to use drugs. Drinking too much and having a line of cocaine made him forget things for a moment, and he was about to cheat on Emma with a beautiful model, but Emma caught them together. That triggers him to follow her, and Emma gives her an ultimatum. She wants him to be there for her and leave the drugs and drink. I wonder if Alex’s love for Emma is strong enough to meet her requirements. It would sad that he lost Emma.

I also find that he is too obsessed with Jez and their rivalry. Jez is the star, and somehow Alex envies him. He even admits that he almost slept with the famous model because she was with Jez, and he simply wanted to score one on him. I think that feeling will end up hurting him because one can’t live life in the shadow of someone else.

I have to say that people use drugs so freely here. Is that what people are really like? apart from Grace and Emma, everybody else gets high. That world of drugs is so alien to me as well as all that glitter and sophistication of rich people. Reading this you wonder if those who you see on television are also drug-users. Well, not that I care much for celebrities.

I can’t wait for time to pass and see what happens to Miles twenty years after that time in Bahamas. I am quite curious what the problem is and why he has summoned Sasha, Grace, and Alex.


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