Kiss Heaven Goodbye 6


Our characters’ lives continue.

Alex is still with his band, and they are becoming famous. He still has some issues with their front man Jez, and he is still insecure. For example, even though his girlfriend Emma assures him that there was nothing between her and Jez, he has doubts. I have the hunch that their relationship won’t last, and maybe fame will go to his head.

Miles has been suspended in Oxford after an incident in the opening ceremony of his club. He based his idea of a club from a Chinese reference in which the members enjoyed the pleasures of sex and drugs, and that is what he provides on that first night. Yet, things go wrong when there is a fire. The police come and Miles gets arrested. Robert Ashford, his father, gets to clear his name, but the college has got wind of the incident after tabloids published a story, so Miles has been temporary expelled. I have the hunch that Miles won’t return to university, and maybe he will start working in the family business.

Grace gives us a surprise when she finds out she is pregnant. She is scared, but she tells Gabe, who reacts shocked but not hostile. However, that same day he gets news that his brother has been murdered. They come from an area in Colombia where drug cartels are very powerful, and Gabe’s brother has been working to change the situation. Now that his brother is dead, Gabe decides he wants to return to his country and continue his brother’s work., but he asks Grace to go with him. The next time we see Grace, she is married and mother to twins, Olivia and Joseph. I have to say that I don’t think I would have been so willing to follow Gabe to his country. Going voluntarily to danger is something I wouldn’t do. I know that Grace loves Gabe and they were having a child, but even so. And I think it was selfish of Gabe to ask Grace to follow him. He is putting her and their children in terrible danger. From what she tells Caro when she visits, they can’t even trust the servants, and I have the feeling that even though the place is beautiful, it is some kind of prison for Grace since she can’t go anywhere. I wonder how this will end up, but I have the hunch that this won’t be a happy-ever-after story.

As for Sasha, she is now abandoned her dreams of being a model, and she is a stylist instead. She is quite good at it, and she is even thinking of buying the business of the designer who she works with.


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