Kiss Heaven Goodbye 3


I was right about Bradley.

He is the key to what is happening in the present time and why Miles asks his lawyer to have Alex, Sasha, and Grace on the island. In 1990 when Alex and Grace run into Sasha and Miles, the four find a body. It is Bradley’s, and Miles convinces his three companions to keep quiet. They return to the house, but neither Alex nor Grace can’t rest at peace, so they decide to do something. Grace thinks they can talk to Nelson, one of the men working for her father. Yet, when they get to the beach, the body is gone, but there is nobody in Bradley’s room either, and nobody has seen him. The news reaches Mr Robert Ashford, who is not happy about the matter. Then his staff notices that one of the boats is gone, so it is surmised that Bradley wasn’t dead, but just suffered an accident. Then when he came round, he must have stolen the boat and left. I don’t think Bradley is alive, but then who took his body? And why? Is this the matter that has come to haunt Miles now? I guess it is, but why is it that twenty years later this event has resurfaced and is obviously threatening Miles?

The book then jumps in time. It is December now, months after that night in the Bahamas, and this first chapter focuses on Sasha and her failure to find work as a model. I had the impression she came from a rich family, but now we learn that she pretended to be wealthy, but in reality her father is just an accountant and her mother a housewife whose aspirations to be a model in her youth were never fulfilled. I imagine that Sasha also lied about her contract with the model agency that she kept boasting about on the island. I guess all these lies were the way Sasha had to catch a rich husband, but when Miles broke up with her, her plan backfired.


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