The Accidental Life of Greg Millar 4 – The End


I really loved the end.

The report from the psychologist comes through, and the lawyers lets Lucy and Greg read it. The psychologist is totally for the children going back their home. Actually, he learnt that since they started living with their grandparents, they are having problems at school, and Toby even wets his bed. Apart from the psychiatrist’s report, there is a letter written by Rachel. That was a really nice touch. Rachel’s letter moved me to tears as she wrote about her father and Lucy, and how much they loved them.

The children go home that day when their grandparents realize that they made a terrible mistake. So they agree to withdraw the lawsuit and apologise to Greg and Lucy. I love the passionate speech that Lucy makes to defend her husband.

The re-encounter with the children is beautiful. The moment between Lucy and Rachel is so sweet that it left teary-eyed. And I was right; Lucy is pregnant and her announcement is what ends the novel.

I loved the novel. I really thought I wasn’t going to like it, so it has been a great surprise.


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