The Accidental Life of Greg Millar 3


I knew it. I knew something like this would happen.

Things get back to normal when Greg is released from hospital. He is gradually able to cope with things, and with Lucy’s encouragement he writes a book about his condition. At first, he just intended for the book to be for Lucy, but she convinces him that his experience could help many people. Actually, the book is a success, and it helps him with his mother as well. He gives conferences and interviews. By this time he and Lucy have married, and the family are all right. Rachel now accepts Lucy and her hostility is far gone.

Then the bomb lands at their feet unexpectedly. Ben and Ruth, Catherine’s parents, serve them with a custody demand just as I thought. They regard Greg unsuitable to look after the children and a danger, and Lucy and Greg have to let the children go with their grandparents. What is worse, horrible Hilary is helping them, using her poison for her own good. The children don’t want to go, but Greg and Lucy have to talk them into it the best they can even though they are bubbling with outrage inside. Greg and Lucy are not even allowed to see the children. Maybe Ben and Ruth mean well, but how can someone prevent a parent from seeing his children? That is plain cruel. The only thing they can do is talk to them on the phone twice.

Three weeks later there is a hearing, but Ruth and Ben demand some kind of study, so the rule is called off for seven weeks. Greg, Lucy, and the children will be investigated, but at least, Lucy and Greg will be able to see the children every day for two hours. The children are not happy since they thought that after the three weeks they would be returning home. Rachel seems to be more difficult and it is clear that Hilary has been feeding her her own version of the facts. I just hope that Lucy and Greg get the children back because all of them are really miserable. On a happier note, I think Lucy is pregnant. She keeps throwing up at all times, but I imagine with all the problems they are having she has been unable to figure out what is wrong with her.

I am enjoying the novel so much. I didn’t think it would be this interesting, so it is a really pleasant surprise.


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