The Burning Air 5 – The End



I have mixed feelings about the end. This part is told from Rowan’s perspective, and it is him who discovers the identity of Matt. When Sophie finds the name Kellaway in Kerry’s licence, he goes straight to her father. It is when they find Matt near the cottage where Kerry supposedly keeps Edie that Rowan notices some strange sound that Matt makes that Rowan has heard before. Back in the house he realizes that Matt is Darcy Kellaway, especially when they realize that he didn’t call the police. Sophie, Rowan, Felix, and Tara rush to the cottage, and there they are confronted by Darcy who threatens them with the kitchen heat torch Will had brought to make creme brulee. Rowan fears that he might set fire to the cottage, killing each one of them. Then Kerry appears with the baby, and Darcy has a stronger weapon to threaten the MacBrides with, the baby.

Then from behind Darcy gets two strong blows in the head and falls. It is Jake who has followed them and hit him with a cricket bat. Darcy is dead, and now comes the part that find a bit less satisfying. They all agree to hide the truth from the police, so they do that, and even Kerry agrees to keep silent to protect Jake. I don’t think they did the right thing. Jake was just protecting his family from a man who was threatening them. I don’t know what kind of punishment that would result in, but I imagine that burying Darcy’s body on the property will be something that will haunt every single one of them for the rest of the family. I imagine they won’t be able to return to the house in Devon for obvious reasons.

The end comes from Kerry’s perspective. He has left the house before anyone realized she was gone. When she reaches her flat in London, she finds some papers in the pocket of the coat she was wearing, which actually belonged to Rowan. It is here that Rowan had hidden Lydia’s confession from her diary, which he had ripped from the notebook. In the entry Lydia writes about the day she accused Darcy and got him arrested. She also confesses that because the real culprit was free, he acted again, and he attacked and killed Louis, Jake’s father, so in a way she was responsible for the death of her grandchild’s father. Lydia acted wrong, but I think her revelation was not so shocking after all. If we were responsible for the indirect consequences of our decisions and acts, then we would never do a thing. I can understand how Lydia felt since her actions hit too close to home, but I believe she was too hard on herself.

I liked the book. It was gripping and engaging. A great thriller!


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