The Accidental Life of Greg Millar 2


Back in Dublin Greg finally sees the doctor.

He is sent to a psychologist who will probably admit him to hospital. Greg doesn’t take this easily, but he finally decides this is what he has to do. He asks Lucy to look after his children while he is in hospital, and even though she is hesitant, she finally agrees. I think that Lucy is doing a lot for the man she loves, but I think that he isn’t treating her right. When she visits him in hospital, he hardly talks to her and doesn’t touch her, and he has even asked the medical staff not to tell Lucy anything about his disease. I can understand how hurt she is. She is taking a great responsibility to look after Greg’s children, especially when Rachel is so hostile to her. She is even sacrificing her personal life, her job… and I can’t see any gestures of love from Greg. He is not right, so that is his justification, but I hope that when he is released and gets better, he makes it up for her.

Greg demands Lucy to keep quiet about what is happening to him. The only people who know about his disease are Rob, his brother, and Grace. Lucy has had to lie to her parents and even keep things from Fint, her work partner. Now the children’s grandparents have called and I am afraid they might bring up some problems. They want to see their grandchildren, and if Rachel and Toby let out what is happening to their father, their grandparents might think Greg is not fit to look after his children, and they might even want to demand custody.


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