The Burning Air 4


I really don’t know why Darcy is so obsessed with Lydia’s diaries.

I am a bit confused about what he intends to do. He is the one who pushes Kerry to seduce Felix. From what I have seen, all Kerry wants is to have someone to love and be loved. Darcy proves to be a cruel man to her when he slashes her ears, ripping her gold rings from her ears. Yet, she still keeps faithful to him and his crazy plans. She is deluded into thinking that they will adopt the baby she longs so much for.

Once in Devon he is the one who comes up with the plan about Kerry volunteering to babysit and give the family a scare. Darcy has discovered that Rowan burnt the diaries, but still he has another plan. I don’t know what he wants Rowan to confess to his family. It is true that Lydia shouldn’t have accused Darcy from being a mugger when he was not. Yet, I can understand that after what Darcy had done to Darcy the woman wanted to get her own back. I can’t excuse her. Maybe Darcy’s mother got too much under stress in this mess, but that didn’t kill her. The woman was already too sick. So what kind of confession does Darcy expect? I really don’t know.

And I hope that Kerry has kept her word and has the baby in the cottage. I fear that she might have got ideas of her own about Edie and decided to flee with the baby. I hope to be wrong.


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