The Burning Air 3


The next part of the book is about Darcy.

From the first I read this part wrong because I thought Darcy was a girl, but it was much later in the book that I came to realize that Darcy was a man. I thought that Darcy was Kerry as I had made my own hypotheses in my head. Well, now I know better.

We meet Darcy when he is twelve. His mother is mentally unstable, suffering from anorexia and agoraphobia, and they are a family of limited means. We learn from Darcy’s and his mother’s hatred for the MacBride when he tries to get admission in Rowan’s school. He is a clever boy, but he is refused. His mother insists there has been a mistake, so she sends him to fix the mistakes. He spots Rowan, who was one of the people who carried out the interview, and he follows him to his house. There he dares to knock and sees his three children, and Rowan tells him that the scholarship went to a boy who was a musical prodigy. When hears Felix telling someone that he isn’t paying for his education at the school, Darcy’s mother thinks that Felix is the boy who stole Darcy from the scholarship.

It is here that starts a terrible campaign against the MacBrides. First, Darcy beats up Felix, kicking him several times, and Felix loses an eye. So that means that Felix’s disfigurement is caused by Darcy. Then Darcy gets hold of Tara’s keys and has them cut. So he gets into the habit to get into their house. He discovers Tara’s stash of cigarettes and condoms, and he goes as far as prick the condoms with a pin, so that means that Tara getting pregnant with Jake was also caused by Darcy. He also starts reading Lydia’s diaries, and he reads something that infuriates him. Lydia mentions seeing him, and knowing that Darcy was the one who caused Felix to lose his eye, the woman writes about her hatred and wish to hurt Darcy. Darcy’s incursions into the house come to an end when he is surprised by Sophie coming to the house. She probably doesn’t get to see who is in the house, but the next time Darcy comes to the house, all the locks have been changed.

Then we come to understand why Lydia wrote about her crime. Still drawn to the house, Darcy goes past it, and then someone knocks into him and drops something. Curious, he picks up the object to realize it is a penknife. The police arrive, and even though Darcy claims the penknife isn’t his, Lydia claims he is the only one who was in the street. Darcy is arrested, but soon he is released when the culprit is found. Yet, things aren’t getting better as when he returns home, he finds his mother dead. The anorexia and the fear after the police called her provoked her a heart attack. Darcy has a crisis and he is sent to a mental hospital. He is convinced that Lydia murdered his mother because she caused his arrest and the subsequent death of his mother.

It is when he is released that he moves to London. Little by little he starts making money by specialising in beauty treatments, but he doesn’t forget his thirst for revenge on the MacBrides. He returns to Saxby some years later and keeps watching the family through Facebook and in the city. He even goes to see Lydia at court as she is a magistrate. It is here that she meets Kerry, the one who infiltrates in the family as Felix’s girlfriend. Kerry is in court being judged for stalking a woman and her son. Apparently, Kerry lost her own baby when her partner beat her up. Lydia rules that Kerry should leave town and be away from the family she has stalked, but it is clear that Kerry is unhappy about the sentence.

Darcy collars Kerry and they have a drink. He tells her his story and how he thinks the MacBrides, especially Lydia, deserves some kind of punishment. Darcy starts a relationship with Kerry. It is at this point that I realized that Darcy was a man. He had mentioned his different sexual relationships with prostitutes, but I thought Darcy was a lesbian. But no, he is a man. So these two join forces to get their revenge. They are both quite deranged with very peculiar reasons to want the MacBrides ill.

Darcy intercepts Tara in a pilates class, and he flirts with her and eventually starts an affair with her. He calls himself Matt, so Matt is the man who Tara brought to the house, and apparently, she has been in a relationship with him for long. So Darcy has kept everybody fooled for quite a while, and he must have orchestrated the whole weekend. I imagine that Darcy will make Kerry seduce Felix, which won’t be difficult. Felix hasn’t had many relationships, and Kerry is a beautiful woman.

I am enjoying the book, but it is frustrating how this crazy man has hurt this family when it is not clear that his first reason was logical in the first case. I don’t think Felix got the scholarship Darcy was denied, but I guess he was talking about his fees being paid for by the school since his father was working there. I can understand that his mother influenced this man terribly, but it’s horribly frustrating to see this family at the mercy of this man’s machinations.


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