The Burning Air 2


The thing took place.

Kerry has Edie. The family all went to see the festivities in town, but when Sophie mentioned she would stay with Edie because she was little, first her eldest son Toby complained and accused of just caring for Edie. Then Kerry volunteered to stay with the baby, and even though Sophie refused, she finally agreed when her family, especially Will and TAra, insisted that a few hours away from the girl would make her good. We have learnt that Sophie has had a history of depression. When she had Charlie, she had massive postnatal depression, and one day he left the baby in his buggie in the supermarket alone and didn’t go to puck up her other children. She was later found locked away in a hotel room and the police had to knock the door down to get to her.

This is something that is still in everybody’s mind, and that was why she finally agreed to go to the festivities and leave Edie behind. We now have confirmation that Will was unfaithful to her, but we still don’t know who his lover was or what Sophie knows. I thought that maybe the woman was Kerry, but he would have said something or at least, he wouldn’t have leave the baby with her. I am sorry for Sophie because the family treat her as if she were demented because of that episode, and since she has had Edie only nine months ago, they worry that she might have a relapse.

So now as I suspected, Kerry has Edie. Sophie returns to the house when Charlie gets afraid of the bonfire and fireworks, and she finds the house empty and no sign of either Kerry or Edie. She tries to find an explanation why Kerry should have taken Edie in the night. She thinks maybe there was an accident, but nothing tells her that is the case, and the woman has no left any message.

When the others return, she starts explaining, and it is sad when they all jump to the conclusion that she is acting up again. Yet, after checking the house, they realize that Sophie is telling the truth. The thing about Kerry is that Felix told them that she was a bit of a mystery and he didn’t know much about her background or where she came from. And when Sophie searches Kerry’s bag, she finds some document with the name Kellaway. Sophie knows the name and it is apparently linked to her family past, and apart from her mother, the only person who knows something is her father so she decides to go to him. I wonder who Kerry really is. Is he trying to hurt Sophie because of something from the past? I have the impression that Kerry is young, so whatever the MacBrides did must have been something to do with her family. And why take the baby? Was a baby involved in the conflict in the past? I am so sorry about Sophie and little Edie. Sophie should have trusted her instinct, but the others’ doubts about her sanity made her put her baby in harm’s way.


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