The Stranger in my Home 9 – The End



I did not expect an unhappy ending in the story. I liked the ending, but I thought that Alison was not right in meeting Tom on her own. Things worked out in the end, but she took a big dare. How did she think she could stop the man? When she got the magazine, in which she found a message, she interpreted that Tom wanted to meet her in Brighton. When she set off, she didn’t know what mood he would be in or how the situation would be for Katherine. I think she was foolish not to tell the police. She was lucky that she managed to persuade him to take him to see Katherine, who she found in a pitiful state as the man had drugged her. She was also lucky that she eventually managed to reduce him and he fell down the stairs. It was a happy ending with Katherine and Alison being rescued and Tom being sentenced to hospital order. Apparently, Tom went downhill when Annabel was fighting with cancer; pressure and stress made him turn to antidepressants, and he became an addict, getting drugs in the black market. That addiction turned him into a schizophrenic, and his delusions made him kidnap Katherine and try to find a replacement for Annabel in Alison.

The last chapter is a happy one. Katherine and Olivia celebrate their joint birthday together, and it is obvious that the families have become close and they have a fluent relationship. It is a nice scenario. I really liked the novel, and I enjoyed seeing Alison growing as a person and shedding her fears and insecurities.


2 thoughts on “The Stranger in my Home 9 – The End

  1. Thanks, i started this book and red half of it. I am not a native english and I was spending to much time on translating it. I am glad I found your full summary.

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