The Stranger in my Home 7


I am starting to dislike Alison.

I know she has been a good mum to Katherine, and she had a hard time when growing up. However, she is becoming too intense for my liking. I don’t understand why she doesn’t make more of an effort with her husband. It seems as if she has been swept off her feet by Tom, and this closeness she has with the man might end up with her hurt. I hope that Alison doesn’t make more mistakes. If she could relax and be more herself, maybe things would be better. I understand that she is worry about Katherine about the mutated gene thing, but I feel she is alienating her own family when she snubs her own husband. And I still don’t understand why she doesn’t make more of an effort with Olivia. It is as if she didn’t count. All the attention is on Katherine. Jeff, Tom, and Alison are all focused on Katherine, but what happens with Olivia? Doesn’t anybody care? She is like a shadow that is mentioned, but we don’t even know what she is like. Alison carried that baby for nine months and gave birth to her, isn’t she even a little interested in her? Poor Olivia must feel terrible. No wonder she is a bit hostile to Katherine. How can she not feel jealous? Katherine has the attention of the man Olivia has always thought of as her daddy, and she also has her two parents, who show no interest in her.


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