The Stranger in my Home 5


Poor Alison.

She feels confused and lost in this new situation, and she feels she doesn’t have Jeff’s support. I also believe he isn’t too supportive. I imagine that there hasn’t been much of a crisis till now, and when they are faced with this huge problems, the cracks appear in their marriage. Jeff and Alison are too different, and I think it is her who has tried to accommodate to his lifestyle, while I have the impression he hasn’t made much of an effort to understand him.

Strangely enough, Tom seems to understand her. Deep down Alison is scared that Katherine will want to move with the Truby’s. It is clear she loves to have siblings. Katherine’s excitement for her new extended family shakes Alison’s confidence, and she feels she won’t be enough to keep Katherine. I think that stems from her childhood when her mother left her with her father while she took her two brothers with her. Then when she got pregnant at sixteen or so, her mother convinced her that neither her boyfriend nor his family would support her at all. We haven’t learnt what happened with that pregnancy. Did she give the baby away? If so, why doesn’t she even think about that child? In any case, all these events surely shaped her the way she is, and deep down she feels she is unlovable or easy to forget. Her husband lately doesn’t seem to care much about her. I wonder if there is another reason for his indifference other than growing familiarity.

When Alison sneaks out of the party she and Jeff are attending and goes to the ice rink where Katherine is watching her brother Callum’s ice hockey game, she learns from Tom that Olivia hasn’t come because she has a date with her boyfriend. It’s strange how little interest Alison shows in Olivia. I can understand that even though she is her real daughter, it is Katherine she loves. She has raised her and naturally, what she feels for Katherine is strong. Yet, I would expect some feeling for Olivia, a longing to know her, but it’s not there at all. I wonder why. Is it because she knows Olivia comes from her and after knowing her, she sees herself in her and that what she despises? I also wonder about this boyfriend. I wonder if history will repeat itself and Olivia might find herself in trouble. Once again we might see the theme of nurture or nature explored here.


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