The Stranger in my Home 2


I was right.

A man shows up out of the blue and tells Alison and Jeff that after his wife died of cancer, his teenage daughter Olivia decided to get tested for any genetic traits that might make her more vulnerable to  cancer. Olivia discovers that there is no risk there as she  she shares no genes with either her mother or her father because her parents are not her real parents. That is what this man Tom Truby tells Alison and Jeff. Katherine is Tom’s daughter, and not Alison and Jeff’s. Alison’s first reaction is anger, shock and outrage, and she kicks the man out of the house. Now that the truth is out, they won’t be able to ignore it. Katherine has been their daughter, and love is more than genetics, but what about their real daughter Olivia? I imagine that Alison and Jeff will want to know Olivia. This is the baby who Alison bore for nine months and gave birth to, so they surely must want to know her. This is a very complex situation and I wonder how all these characters will act. How will Katherine and Olivia react ? Does Olivia know that her parents are some other people? And how will Katherine be told? What I find it strange is that the hospital which is clearly responsible for the mishap hasn’t taken responsibility for what happened. If Tom Truby knows how many children were born in those days, it means that the hospital has disclosed that information. I think that under normal circumstances with such a huge mistake the hospital management would have tried to talk to both parts before they came into contact, which I find is quite irregular here.

And what about the passages about Alison’s life thirty years ago? What is the importance of these accounts? She was a teenager then, and I can’t see how those parts relate with the problem she has now. In those chapters Alison didn’t even know Jeff; actually, she had a different boyfriend, Steve. I guess that if these are part of the novel, there must be a reason, and I am intrigued to know.


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