New Book – The Stranger in my Home by Adele Parks


Publishing year: 2016

I have only read a few pages of this new book.

We are introduced to Alison, married to Jeff and mother to fifteen-year-old Katherine. In the prologue a stranger comes to her house, asking if she had a daughter fifteen years ago, and then we are sent back to the day when her baby daughter was born. Alison feels very lucky to have Katherine and how life has treated her. I still don’t have the details but from the clues on the cover I think that I can guess the plot. I have the hunch that Katherine is not really Alison’s daughter and there was some kind of confusion at the hospital where she gave birth and she went home with the wrong child. The person in the prologue is probably bringing her devastating news. Alison is so full of life and optimistic, and I’m afraid this will probably shatter her. If what I suspect is true, I am intrigued to know how all this will affect this family. And what about the other family? Who is Alison and Jeff’s real daughter?


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