M is for Malice 5 – The End


The end was great.

I never suspected who was the culprit. I thought it was one of the brothers, and at some point I thought Christie and her husband Donovan had been in it together. The mystery comes from the past, and poor Guy didn’t even have any part in it even though he was blamed. There was a girl, Patty, who was schizophrenic and who liked Guy. Her family had some old documents that allegedly would pay for the two daughters’ education. Apparently, Guy found out about the documents and tricked Patty’s mother into giving them to him. Then he faked the documents and kept the originals. Everybody believes that Guy did all this. Besides, two months after he left, Patty claimed she was pregnant with his baby, and died from septicaemia when she had an abortion.

These are the facts that had Guy murdered. Kinsey finds out that it wasn’t Guy who took those documents from Patty’s mother, but Bennett and Guy’s friend, Paul. They never owned up to the truth, and since they were worried to be found out, they didn’t even benefit from selling the documents. And Guy didn’t even sleep with Patty, so the baby she was carrying was either Paul’s or Jack’s. Those lies had Guy killed. The nurse who looked after his father and then stayed as a housekeeper was actually Patty’s sister, who wanted revenge and waited patiently for Guy to show up and kill him. She even destroyed the second will because she knew that way Guy would have to be found. It is a realy sad end. Guy wasn’t a saint in his youth, but it is such a shame he had to die for something he never did. He was a good man, and his death was so unfair. Kinsey admits that his death affected her more than she thought. She doesn’t think that they could have been a couple, but she knows that he would have been a good friend to her. I think in this novel it is when we see Kinsey in her most human side.

As for Jonah and Dietz, we know that Jonah seems to be going out with a colleague of hers at the force, the one who is working with him. I liked the exchange between Kinsey and the woman at the police station.

About Dietz, he returns from seeing his children, and he helps Kinsey in her enquiries. Their outstanding matters don’t get sorted out, and I don’t know if he will be in the next novel. What we know is that Kinsey realizes that he and Dietz have very different views about what their relationship should be like.

I enjoyed the book thoroughly. I liked it more than the last one. I prefer it when the plot is about the solving of a crime than about chasing bad guys or thugs.


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